Feeding Therapy

Feeding therapy

Fostering enjoyable and rewarding mealtimes

Feeding therapy using evidence-based strategies to help take the stress out of mealtimes for the whole family.

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Whether your child is experiencing feeding difficulties or is a fussy eater, we can help.

Mealtimes can be stressful for both parents and children. Our feeding therapists can help make mealtimes a more relaxed and positive experience for all involved. We educate families to understand and support their child’s difficulties for positive mealtime relationships. This includes identifying and addressing challenges related to drinking, eating and swallowing.

Our holistic approach considers all aspects of your child’s wellbeing, including their oral motor skills and sensory processing abilities.

How our feeding therapists can help

Feeding challenges in babies and children can put a lot of strain on family relationships. We aim to educate and inspire the family to understand and support their child’s feeding difficulties. Our therapists equip you with skills and strategies that help improve sensory tolerance, develop chewing skills, increase variety and volume of nutritional intake and reduce avoidance behaviours during mealtimes.

Our assessment approach

Our feeding therapists use a dynamic assessment to understand the underlying causes and identify areas that may contribute to feeding and swallowing challenges. We then collaborate with you to develop practical feeding plans and techniques and partner with the important people in the child’s life to implement them.

Our Therapy Techniques

Our feeding therapists have experience in infant and toddler (0-3 years) feeding problems, as well as eating and swallowing difficulties in preschool and school-aged children (3-12 years).

Some of the feeding problems that we work with include:

  • Difficulty transitioning to solids, lumps or finger foods
  • Eating from a limited range of foods only
  • Fussy or picky eating, anxious or selective eating
  • Sensory aversions to foods
  • Chewing or oral motor difficulties
  • Feed refusal or distress with feeding and mealtimes
  • Stressful mealtimes and mealtime battles

What is Feeding Therapy

Feeding therapy is a type of therapy that helps individuals improve their ability to eat and drink safely and comfortably. A feeding therapist can work with your child to identify areas of difficulty and develop a personalised plan to help them improve their feeding skills. With the help of feeding therapy, your child can achieve their full potential in this area and enjoy mealtime with family and friends.

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What can Feeding Therapy help with?

Feeding Therapy can help with a wide range of issues related to feeding, such as difficulty with chewing and swallowing, picky eating and food refusal.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can you help with breast-feeding?
Can you help with breast-feeding?
Can I do feeding therapy over telehealth?
Can I do feeding therapy over telehealth?
When should I see a feeding therapist?
When should I see a feeding therapist?
How do I book an appointment?
How do I book an appointment?
Where are you located?
Where are you located?
Is a referral needed?
Is a referral needed?

The 5 key reasons why you should consider feeding therapy for your child

Improve oral-motor skills
Feeding therapy can help your child develop the skills they need to chew and swallow food safely and comfortably.

Increase food acceptance
Feeding therapy can help your child try new foods and expand their dietary choices.

Enhance mealtime social interaction
Feeding therapy can help your child improve their mealtime social interaction, such as turn-taking and conversation.

Improve nutrition
Feeding therapy can help your child improve their nutrition by expanding their food choices and increasing their intake.

Boost self-confidence
Feeding therapy can help your child feel more confident in their ability to eat and drink safely and comfortably, which can have a positive impact on their overall self-esteem.

Our Therapy Techniques

Our Occupational Therapists use a wide range of personally tailored therapy techniques to best suit your needs. As well as being fully qualified and accredited, our therapists have extensive training and experience in the following:

  • Bobath Therapy
  • NIDCAP training (Newborn Individualised Developmental Care and Assessment Program framework)
  • Paediatric FEES (Fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation of swallowing)
  • Paediatric VFSS (Video fluoroscopic swallow study)
  • SOS approach to feeding
  • Responsive Feeding Approach.

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